Jelqing Exercises: How to Increase Penile Size Naturally

jelqing exercises

jelqing exercises

Are jelqing exercises the only way to learn how to increase penile size naturally? No, they are great, but jelqing exercises are only one method.

So you might be thinking how to increase penile size naturally without jelqing exercises? Easy, read this entire article now, preferably twice!

For starters, a penis exercise, whether that be jelqing exercises or arab jelqing, will not cost you a penny. Well, you may have to spend a bit on a quality manual to learn the correct methods to do the exercises. But other than that, you can learn how to increase penile size naturally for quite cheap. The bottom line is you are only using your own hands, doing penis enlargement exercises costs almost nothing.

Second, if you do jelqing exercises or learn how to increase penile size naturally, really brings many benefits to your sex life. Not only jelqing exercises, but also increasing your strength and fitness to make sure it works well sexually, are you with me?

Only these two reasons are sufficient to show why the jelqing exercises is undoubtedly the best way to increase your penis size! But also explore other types.

jelqing exercises

jelqing exercises



Alternative to jelqing exercises: Flip Vertical

Flip Vertical Similar to jelqing exercises, begins with a warm-up exercise. Use water or a hot towel. At the time that the penis is fully erect firmly hold the base. Place the penis in an upright position and, using enough pressure to feel uncomfortable, but not too much to cause pain. Hold for 10 seconds, then place the penis pointing upwards. Exert sufficient pressure and hold for 10 seconds.

Second Alternative to jelqing exercises: Extension:

This exercise is more advanced than jelqing exercises. Take your firm penis below your testicles and press to make the shot horizontally. Place your other hand under your testicles but with this take the wrist of the other arm that holds the penis. Press the penis while the hand holding the wrist pulls together. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 20 times.

Jelqing exercises are highly sought in most males, women seek greater satisfaction and advise their partners to perform these techniques as well as jelqing exercises. They both benefit with increased satisfaction in sexual intercourse and a larger penis.

So if you’re concerned about your lack of size in the department of your manhood and you really want to increase your penis size safely and naturally and, in turn, give women more pleasure during intercourse, then try jelqing exercises and learn how to increase penile size naturally >>CLICK HERE<< .